Peter Hauldren Godofsky

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

About me:
   My name is Peter Godofsky, and I'm currently a student at TJHSST (class of 2011). I am a student sysadmin and am primarily responsible for the understudy program, however I also do Intranet development in addition to other miscellany. I do a lot of work with UNIX-style operating systems, networking, and programming. Sometimes I do interesting things (in my opinion, anyway), which I intend to post here.
   I have two brothers that also attend/attended TJHSST. Alex Godofsky, class of 2006, and Steven Godofsky, class of 2011 (we're identical twins).

I should put a geocities-style "under construction" banner here.

Everyone with root can have his own bashrc file and bash history:
Put this in /root/.bashrc:
[ -d "$HOME/.history.d" ] || mkdir "$HOME/.history.d"
[ -d "$HOME/.bashrc.d" ] || mkdir "$HOME/.bashrc.d"
[[ -f $HOME/.bashrc.d/$USER ]] && . $HOME/.bashrc.d/$USER

Basically, what this does is check if the folder /root/.history.d exists, and if it doesn't, creates it. Then it sets your bash history to save to a file based on your original username (before you used sudo or ksu) in that directory. Next it checks if /root/.bashrc.d exists and if it doesn't it creates that directory as well. Then, if there is a file with the name of your original username, it runs it. So if your head admin for some reason likes the default Gentoo root PS1, and you hate it, just put a new one in /root/.bashrc.d/[your-username]! And if someone spent 30 minutes typing fortune | figlet -t over and over again it'll be in his bash history, and not spamming yours.

A little to-do list script I made

most is the best pager ever. (Change your pager with PAGER=/usr/bin/[your-pager-here]. Make man pages look pretty!)

Artificial Intelligence

Othello AI (python bytecode only), use with Mr. Torbert's referee program.
This AI isn't great, but it did decently against the AIs of most of the other students in my class, mainly because it was less bad. I'm not even sure my minimax works properly but my board scoring seems to be pretty good.

Microelectronics Research

Supercapacitors Research
This year in the Electronics Lab I will be researching supercapacitors. The goal is to try to create a reasonably efficient supercapacitor-as-battery setup using switching voltage regulators in boost configuration. In English, I'm going to take very high-capacity capacitors and use a special circuit to boost their voltage and keep it even so that they can be used as batteries. I am building off of previous student's work, and this year I will attempt to create a stable enough circuit so that complex loads such as electric motors and TTL logic can be powered by supercapacitors. I will be updating this section of this site as my research progresses.

TJ before trailers: (yes, it is funny for other reasons as well.)
TJ before trailers